Rd 22… last one!

Final round of the year… sitting in a good, but by no means safe position before the tough game against the back to back NPL champions, Campbelltown City. A win would see us make the finals, a draw or a loss and we’d have to rely on other results… A big game!

A faced pace to the start of this one as both teams looked to press early. Both Japanese wingers, Matsumoto for the home side and Haruoka for the Kings were targets from each team with long balls.

The Red Devils took a very early lead. A 7th min cross and shot wasnt able to be cleared off the line and the home side were up 1-0. Some poor defending not long after gave C’Town another huge chance and luckily for us, Marino’s shot went wide. The Kings needed to hit back and soon! After some great lead up play in the middle of the park from Klimek and Martinello, Patty Caraccia was obstructed in the box. He didnt go down looking for a pen, but to the away sides amazement, referee Mooney blew his whistle and pointed to the spot!

Captain Klimek stepped up to take what could be the biggest kick of the season… A brilliantly dispatched penalty sent keeper Harpas the wrong way and the Kings were back in the game! 1-1 with 10mins to go before the break. Unfortunately the score line was short lived with C’Town awarded a penalty of their own when Dittroia was brought down in the box. spot kick was taken and scored. 2-1 to the home side. Just minutes later, the worst ever penalty call was made. Defender Alex Sunasky and midfielder Alex Mullen came together in what was nothing more than a tussle in the box as the ball was coming in. No shirt pulling, nothing… Mullen went down and sucked Mooney into blowing his whistle yet again.

A livid Kings bench and travelling supporters couldnt believe it. Always seem to get calls like this against us when these officials have our matches… however, justice prevailed as the horribly cheeky, almost smart assed penalty from Marino hit the crossbar. The striker then followed up and put the ball in the net and celebrated… not knowing the 2 touch rule, the goal wasnt counted… quite funny really!! 2-1 at the break and lots of work to do in the 2nd half.

As other results from games broke, as it was, the Kings, somehow, were out of the 6. Blue Eagles were on top of Raiders and Metro were easily dispatching of relegation favourite West Adel. The Kings now needed to win this game.

Again, a tight tussle to start the 2nd half with VC James Skeffington beautifully played in by Luke Klimek cross. Unfortunately Skeff only hit side netting and score remained 2-1. Not many more chances to either side to be fair, and the midfielders were earning their pay. Klimek, Caraccia, Stokes & Mercurio were among the best for the Kings. A frantic final 10mins sadly couldnt result in a goal or 2 the Kings needed… and that was it. Full time and we ended the season with a 2-1 loss at the hands of the impressive Campbelltown side.

Results from other games didnt go as expected, but ultimately the 6 draws in a row mid season cost us out deserved finals spot. We had the equal lowest goals conceded… just 1 point short of 6th spot (and 1 win from 2nd!) Earlier in the day, our U18’s continued their winning form before finals with a 1-0 win. Just what coach Pepper wanted before the business end! Unfortunately Vizzari’s reserves coughed up a cheap goal late to lose 2-1 and slide down the ladder. Still making finals, the lads could have finished top. but it wasnt to be.

Thanks to all the supporters for coming out this season- all the lads truly appreciate it.
Make sure you head down to support the 18’s and Reserves as they kick off their finals campaigns this weekend!
U18’s: v Comets: THIS SATURDAY: 10:15am @ SA Athletics Stadium, Mile End
Reserves: v West Adelaide: THIS SATURDAY: 3:30pm @ Valo Football Centre, Regency Park



Under 18’s: 1-0 win
Reserves: 2-1 loss
Seniors: 2-1 loss


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